When people unite in passion, a movement is born.  In the chaos of our imperfect world with civic unrest and injustice, a silly task with a serious message granted some of us a reprieve.  The ALS Association implemented its Ice Bucket Challenge which has proven to be one of the most successful social media campaigns of all time.  I’m not one to hop on every public fad; I don’t know anyone personally suffering from ALS.  However, people close to me have struggled immensely with similarly debilitating diseases such as MS.

My coworker challenged me and I reticently accepted (I’m not one to be out done).  I thought through how to make it special amid my personal hesitation of wasting water.  New York City summer days can be pretty brutal, so I decided to give out bottled water with #StrikeOutALS labels I made.  The joy of giving out water was so simple and so fulfilling.  My coworker and I laughed our way through it.  At the end of the day, I supported a hugely significant cause (with a humble donation) and brought some smiles to a few passersby.

The reward is in the act.  The meaning in the moment.


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