Philosophy & Practice

If I May Say Productions advocates somatic living to engage the everyday artist through aesthetic practice.

What does this mean? A loop of living to create and creating to live. Somatic awareness maximizes the capacity of mind and body, which empowers the creative process. How we live defines how we create. How we create impacts how we live.

If I May Say Productions builds its artistic practice from honoring and cultivating the voice of the artist because, as Gabor Maté states “The Great Art is to express our vitality through the particular channels and at the particular speed Nature foresaw for us.”

In other words, the ability to live one’s life according to one’s own deepest truths, rather than to fulfill someone else’s expectations.

This commitment to the individual’s voice draws works uniquely sensitive to personal experience thus creating a holistic, aesthetic practice that is both inspiring and affirming through these phases identified in Maté’s Healing Process:

  • Acceptance – willingness to recognize, accept how things are via compassionate curiosity
  • Awareness – capacity for emotional truth recognition
  • Anger – the energy to say “I matter” empowers & relaxes
  • Autonomy – struggle for energetic experience of self; locus of control comes from within
  • Attachment – renewal of vulnerability liberates self repression
  • Assertion – declaring “I am” and “I am who I am” with no justification for being
  • Affirmation – moving towards something of value

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